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Ed & Sue
Pastor Ed and Sue Layne



Shield of Faith Church began with a vision that God placed in the hearts of Pastor Ed and Sue Layne to establish a non-denominational church that would focus on building strong faith-filled Christians founded on the full-gospel of Jesus Christ. It began in 1979 when Sue came face-to-face with a medical diagnosis that threatened to take her very life. With the prospect of losing his wife and the mother of his young children, Ed looked to the only one that could save her from certain death. Not having any religious background or teaching, Ed did not know where to look for the God that he knew could change their situation. On his own, he began a personal journey to find the truth of God. This journey led him to many different churches of many different denominations, various ministries, and numerous books and research until he found the truth of the God that people had been telling him about. Learning to be led of the Spirit, he found the Word and power of God to be very real. Now, nearly thirty years later, Sue is still alive and well and helping Ed preach the gospel to those in need.


Today, Ed is the Senior Pastor of Shield of Faith Church, which he founded in 1992. Through the years, the ministry has grown from a small church building on Herman Street in Marion, Ohio, to its current location purchased in 2006. This new facility has enabled us to continue to expand as more and more families find this to be a place where they can learn and grow in the knowledge of our God through faith in Jesus Christ.



This is an excellent question that people ask us all the time. The simple answer is that we do not hold affiliation with any denominational religion. We do trace our heritage back to the Protestant movement, however we do not hold onto most of the ancient traditions that many denominational churches still do. Our church was founded on and preaches from one thing and one thing alone – the Holy Bible. With that being said, we do welcome anyone no matter what their religious background may be. We have members that were raised as Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans, Catholics and even in households that practiced no religion at all. We at Shield of Faith firmly believe that there is one faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. No matter what your traditions or denomination may be, as long as we confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, then we all together represent the one true Church of God.